Arrange a Repair

Arrange a Repair


Does your buggy need a repair?

Is it covered under our 2 year warranty?

When you purchase this package a representative will be in touch and arrange collection of your buggy. We will then return it to our HQ for assessment by one of our engineers.

See below for more details

Warranty Repair – If the issue is covered under the warranty it will be repaired free of charge and returned to you asap with no further payment required.

In this case, the deposit you have already paid at the checkout will be refunded in full.

Non-Warranty Repair – If this issue is not covered by the warranty we will contact you with the cost of any repair prior to commencement of work. Once agreed the buggy will be repaired and returned to you asap.

In this case, the deposit you have already paid at the checkout will cover the cost of the collection and the carriage charge will cover the return of your buggy. However, you will need to pay any balance for repair work before the buggy is returned.

  • PLEASE NOTE: This package can be purchased to arrange both Warranty and Non-Warranty claims. Please make your selection in the box below.
  • Tyres, inner tubes and the handle bar foam are not covered by the warranty. These items can be purchased in the ‘parts’ section.

You can also purchase a box to be sent to you prior to collection of your buggy (see additional items).

Available for UK only – please select UK standard carriage option at the checkout which will cover return carriage of your buggy.

For more details please contact our Customer Service Team on 01234 344230.


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