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Nipper Double out with the family

Buy the Nipper Double to Save Yourself from Double Trouble

There are few things more special than when your sonographer points to the black and white screen and calmly says, "There is your baby!"

But there are even fewer things more exhilarating – and somewhat terrifying – when these words are followed by, "… and there's your second baby!"

The bigger my bump grew, the more it dawned on us how vast our collection of accessories needed to be. Two babies meant two cots, two car seats, two baby carriers, two truckloads of nappies... But of all the things on our shopping list, deciding on a double-sized buggy seemed to be the most complicated and most important decision of all.

A scientist by trade, I dug deep into my research and finally chose the Out'n'About Nipper Double.

Here's how I came to my conclusion that the Out'n'About Nipper Double was the answer for my twins.

Doors are wider than you think.

With twins, one of the first choices you face is the option of a tandem or side-by-side design. As I imagined scenarios of embarrassing battles with entrance ways or hunting in vain for double doors and eventually giving up and standing outside in a tearful mess, I naturally assumed tandem would be my best (and most forgiving) option.

But after closer investigations, I discovered that side-by-side buggies are not as big as you think. Amazingly, they are carefully designed to fit through standard size doors, which all venues are required to have to meet disability requirements for buildings.

Having realized this, I started to picture far more pleasant scenarios with side-by-side buggies, like strolling in and out of shops with ease while my babies hold hands, share food and play. This enables them to see the world together, not obscured by the back of the others pushchair seat. For me, giving them every opportunity to interact is crucial, and something I want to prioritize. Sure, I might regret it when they eventually become big enough to fight over food, but we all have to pick our battles …

You're going to need a workhorse.

My husband and I are very active, and after the arrival of our first child, we found ourselves opting for a baby carrier more often than a buggy so we could keep up our energetic lifestyle. But with the prospect of twins – plus a two-year-old toddler with incredible stamina - we knew that two pairs of hands would no longer be enough.

The Nipper Double became one of our most vital pieces of family equipment, and as we started rolling out on new adventures, we were thrilled to find that it was as lightweight, sturdy and manoeuvrable as we needed it to be. Having this kind of freedom to get outside, especially during the pandemic, has been priceless. This is particularly true because my husband is still working, and it is vital for my health (and sanity!) to find time for fresh air and exercise even when I'm doing everything on my own.

The Nipper has enough space to carry everything we need, the full repertoire of nappy changing supplies to a picnic, pirate treasure chest, Barbie dolls and anything else my toddler decides is essential for our trip. On almost every single walk, a passer-by says "Gosh, you've got your hands full!" But thanks to the Nipper Double, my hands are wonderfully free. The only upgrade needed from Out' n' About is a coffee cup holder…

There's nothing like a smooth and peaceful ride.

The Nipper Double has an optional adaptor so you can add carrycots with ease. The cots are really well designed, with a comfortable mattress, soft padded sides, a cover that clips on easily and an adjustable hood to protect your little bundles of joy from harmful sunrays. Although the carrycots add a bit of weight, the buggy's great suspension ensures it remains easy to control, and your babies don't bounce all over the place.

Why is all of this important:

  1. Because you want your babies to be as safe and comfortable as possible.
  2. The peace and quiet is bliss.
  3. There is a tremendous sense of achievement when you have mastered the art of getting two babies sleeping at the same time.

The twins were just five days old when we took them for their first stroll, and we have since adventured across fields, pavements, off-road tracks, gravel paths while the twins slept safe and sound in their carrycots, oblivious to the passing terrain.

Thanks to its sturdy build and tremendous durability, we continue to use the Nipper Double regularly. And thanks to its high level of comfort, we even use the Out'n'About Nipper as an outdoor cot. Fun for the twins and our daughter, who can play outside for as long as possible.

Basically, it's freedom in the shape of a buggy.

As we relish our ability to travel more as lockdowns are lifted, we are determined to make the most of our freedom and venture out as much as possible. We take the Nipper Double everywhere on day trips because it folds down easily and packs neatly into our car. The carrycots take up a bit of space, but I highly recommend them because of the safety, comfort and warmth they'll provide your babies with no matter where you are.

All in all, I highly recommend the Nipper Double and the optional carrycot adaptors. From five days to five months old, we have used the Nipper Double and carrycots daily and enjoyed the freedom to go anywhere. And we do almost everything we did when it was just the two of us and our first-born.

Even as I speak, I am sitting next to a pile of food, toys, supplies and our Nipper Double, folded and ready to be packed into our car for our next adventure.

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