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How to reduce your screen time and get outdoors as a family!

How to reduce your screen time and get outdoors as a family!

Less Screen Time, More Green Time!

Reducing screen time and increasing green time is not only beneficial for mental and physical health but also offers an opportunity to bond as a family. Outdoor activities can be refreshing, energizing and educational. Taking your Nipper along with you will allow you to explore beaten tracks through the forest, discover new hiding places in the sand dunes and tackle any obstacles that you may face.

Switch off the TV, power down the ipad, put your phone on sleep mode and discover new traditions. We have created a list of ideas for you and your loved ones to try out. Get the children involved in the planning, and let them choose some of the activities or locations you visit. This will increase their enthusiasm to get outside for more green time.

  1. Nature walks & hikes: Start by trying out a simple nature trail or if you are feeling more adventurous a challenging hike. This is a great way to observe local plants, animals and landscapes.
  2. Picnics: Wrap up warm, Pack a lunch or snack, and head to a local park or green space. Let the children help with the preparation and remember a thermos flask for you!
  3. Bird Watching: Write a list of Birds to spot on your adventure. Pack up the binoculars and tick off the birds as you see them.
  4. Dog Walks: Make one of your daily dog walks a family affair
  5. Beach Days: If you’re near the coast, a trip to the beach. No matter the weather enjoy the sound of the lapping waves whilst breathing in the fresh sea air
  6. Visit Local Attractions: Think botanical gardens, farms, your local national trust. So much for the whole family to enjoy.
  7. Playgrounds: There is nothing better than a trip to the playground. Whizzing down the slide or relaxing in the swing.

To motivate the family to venture outside you might:

  • Set Limits: Limit daily or weekly screen time for all family members, including adults.
  • Lead by Example: Children are more likely to want to participate in activates if they see adults enjoying them.
  • Schedule Regular Outdoor Time: Make it a routine, such as every Saturday morning or every evening after dinner.

Remember, the goal is to enjoy nature and each other’s company. Whether you’re in the heart of the city or the rural countryside, embrace the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with your family.