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Amy on a run with the Nipper Sport

Absolutely life-changing — Nipper Sport running buggy

Time for a change

I ran until I was 37 weeks pregnant and resumed running after a women's physio sign off at 6 weeks postpartum following a couch to 5k style program. It was great to be running again, but as my distance and time increased, it was more difficult leaving my baby and timing it around my husband's work from home hours.

Any recommendations for a running buggy?

Once my baby was sitting comfortably, I researched via the internet, my Instagram audience and the Out'n'About Nipper Sport was coming in as the most recommend running buggy.

I had done my research, I was sold!! I was so so excited to be able to take Atlas running with me and knew it would change everything… but it changed more than I thought.

Nipper Sport with Amy and family

What I found out after getting the Nipper Sport

It's given me so much flexibility. Atlas loves to nap in the buggy, and we use it more than once a day for walks and runs!

I was nervous at first with the steering, and taking people out - thankfully that's never happened, and it's a lot easier than I anticipated. It's so smooth, and it doesn't actually feel very difficult, as the pram just glides along.

The rain cover is brilliant, keeping baby totally dry but also allowing them to look out and not feel confined.

The buggy is so easy to fold away, the wheels come off, and it collapses to an impressive size to allow for car adventures without taking up too much room.

Nipper Sport with Amy in autumn

A solution to a few problems

With the Nipper Sport at hand, I didn't have to rely on childcare, and it made it easier for me to fit in my run time. I was able to train for the Virtual London Marathon - taking Atlas out with me and splitting up some of the longer runs.

Nipper Sport Amy on a run

Highly recommended

I have recommended the Nipper Sport to anyone looking for a new running buggy - and best of all my baby Atlas loves his running adventures!

Thank you Out'n'About!

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