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The story behind our brand....

The story behind our brand....

What is the story behind the Out 'n' About brand?

The brand was born 18 years ago when one of our present company directors was in search of a buggy to use on off-road conditions with his newly born daughter. After discovering there wasn't an ideal buggy available in the UK market to suit his family's lifestyle he began to import jogging strollers from the US and customising them to suit the UK market. For a while Out 'n' About specialised in distributing off-road/ jogging buggies from different brands around the world, however we still could not find the perfect All Terrain pushchair! This eventually led to us designing & manufacturing our own buggies- the Nipper range.

Where did the idea for Out 'n' About originate from and what year did your first pushchair launch?

The first Out 'n' About Nipper was launched in 2001 available as a single & double model. One of our other company directors was previously a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and we put his expertise to good use in the designing and development of the Nipper.

How has the brand grown over the years?

The Out 'n' about brand has grown considerably over the years. We try to keep up with consumer trends and ensure that we keep true to the much loved, easy to use design of the first Nipper. With numerous Awards under our belt and our products stocked in all major retailers, we have become a recognised brand on both sides of the world as well as a household name for parents who are searching for their ideal pushchair.

As a small family brand what has been the most rewarding thing to see over the years? Happy Customers? Customer Feedback?

It is very rewarding knowing that hundreds of thousands of parents and children have enjoyed using our products over the years. It is incredible to see the products we have designed and adapted since the first Nipper was launched, helping families to keep enjoying their lifestyle, whether they want to enjoy off-road walking, jogging or just a lightweight buggy that's easy to use. We receive fantastic customer reviews and you only have to take a look at our facebook page to see the numerous photos we receive of the Nipper being enjoyed in various destinations by many families.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Our philosophy is very much about not trying to grow for the sake of growing. We want to continue making excellent buggies at affordable prices. Our main focus on any buggies or products we do launch is to stick with what we know and what we do best. We will continue to grow with the market and ensure the products that become available are true to the much loved Out 'n' About brand.

We love how bright the brand is and the attention to detail. What processes do your pushchairs go through before they reach the market?

All our development is done in house and products are designed in the UK. This is very important to our philosophy as so many of the products we see other companies offering are clearly designed and sourced from the Far East. All employees are involved in design aspects such as colour choices and opinions on suggested updates. We listen to our customer feedback and have adapted the Nipper over time to fulfil customer requirements where possible. We have a lot of experience amongst our staff, a number of whom are parents themselves and understand what is important to parents when choosing a buggy.

Which has been your favourite experience to date?

Our proudest moment was being contacted by Kensington Palace and learning that the Nipper had been chosen by the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge. As a UK family run company, the thought of Prince George & Princess Charlotte being pushed around in a Nipper makes us incredibly proud. You can't get a better satisfied customer than that!