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Out’n'About Nipper on the farm

Farm Buggy – By Stef

We need a real all-terrain pushchair!

I wore my son in a carrier around the farm for the first few months, but as he got heavier, I started to look around for a pushchair that would be up to the task of daily dog walks and horse visits around muddy fields. I asked several other outdoors mums what buggy they would recommend, and the Out'n'About was top of the list.

Any recommendations?

I had not heard of this buggy as a brand before, but as I was a new parent, I was accustomed to being inundated by the new world of must-have baby products! I followed up the recommendations, and after my research, I purchased my Nipper. I actually bought it second hand. I was assured it had been reasonably well used by its first owner, despite its excellent condition. I am sure this is a testament to the good quality of the Out'n'About products, as it is still going strong for me over a year after I started using it.

OutnAbout GT - comfy in the GT - Anna

All terrain challenge!

My Out'n'About Nipper has been through the muddiest of cow fields and the lumpiest of frozen horse fields, and it has never let me down. I have also taken it on many adventures away from home, such as up and along the Malvern Hills. Its large wheels mean mud is no obstacle, and its suspension means my little one stays comfortable no matter what I push him over. I know other buggies that market themselves as off-road types get long grass wrapped around their wheels, but the Out'n'About does not get bogged down by these sorts of problems. It just reliably gets on with the task in hand.

Nipper Single with friends
It's easy to travel and visit friends

A practical solution.

The all terrain pushchair is a practical solution despite its sturdiness, and the Nipper Single has been very simple to use. It folds down effortlessly for storage or transportation in a car boot, and the fabric covers are easily cleaned with a brush down and sponge wash. The buggy comes with a rain cover, and it fits on and off quickly, which has been very useful on many occations. I found the lie-flat option a little tricky to operate one-handed, but it allows my son to enjoy a comfortable nap-time in his buggy wherever we are. You are able to get adaptors to use a car seat with your Nipper single and you could even add a carrycot if you want to, but I did not need these for my everyday use.

Nipper Single outdoor walks
Enjoy the view

Room for two?

The Nipper did not disappoint, to the point that I have bought an Out'n'About Nipper Double now that baby number 2 has arrived.

I've used the Double lots around town and (so far) am yet to find a doorway it doesn't fit through. I am still baby wearing the little one around the farm and on dog walks most of the time, but I'm sure the three of us we will have an off-road adventure in the Double before too long!