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Out n About GT on the trail

Fourth time's the charm…

Being blasé about buggies - The first purchase

Around 3 months after my baby was born, my adventurous side and active lifestyle soon returned. Before I knew it, my daughter Iris-Mae and I were back on the bumpy, windy lanes of Northamptonshire. However, it didn't take me long before I was forever getting mud stuck in my wheels. Great for resistance training, but it soon became a pain having to avoid the scenic, off-road routes. Where is the adventure sticking to the beaten track and tarmac paths?

The second and third purchase

I did some (not very good) research, and bought my second pram the Joie Versatrax, and I can assure you, bought no Joy to my life! It had the same problem as the previous pram, forever getting stuck in the mud and was even more heavy and bulky.
Then came the Hauck shopper, I mean Hauck shocker! Worst pram I have ever bought. Flimsy and terrible off-road, so I gave it to the parents in law. Enough said.

Happy in her Out n About GT

The final verdict - Out'n'About GT

At this point, my husband was ready for a divorce due to the number of prams we'd gotten through in 9 months. But, after weeks of research, I narrowed down to two brands, Out'n'About and Mountain buggy. I knew one of my friends had an Out'n'About, so I asked her opinion. She loved her Nipper Single so much; she bought a double and couldn't praise it enough! The answer was simple, I purchased the Out n About GT, and I can assure you, it was so brilliant, it saved our marriage.
Well, where do I start? From the moment I took it outside, I realised what I was missing. It was honestly like pushing air. The ride is so smooth for the baby and me. It glides over tree roots, tackles cobbled paths and powers through the mud. I never get stuck - and no more resistance training! I cannot wait for the paths to get trickier come winter as I know me and my Out n About GT can tackle any trail.

Out n About GT moving with ease off-road

A few more things I love about the Out n About GT — not that I needed more reasons!

  • Coming in just under 9kg it's incredibly lightweight, so perfect for lifting in and out of the car.
  • Compact when folded, which means it fits in the smallest of boots.
  • Opens with a few clicks and very easy to get the child in and out.
  • Suitable for all terrains even with EVA wheels.
  • Unbelievable value for money.
  • An all-round pushchair designed for the ones who hike through tough mud in the morning with the dogs and take the leisurely stroll around the supermarket come afternoon.

Go all-terrain with the Out’n’About GT