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Jen and her Tribe of 7 with a Out'n'About NipperDouble

Meet Jen and her tribe of 7

Finding the right buggy.

Living rural with lots of children often means the equipment we use needs to be sturdy, robust and practical.
As a mum of Many, I'm often asked if we've used a particular product or could recommend a product. The most popular question seems to be what pushchair do use when out and about.

After many makes and models, we discovered the Out'n'About Nipper Double pushchair. We bought it second hand as the husband had put a pushchair ban on me (I've had a fair few over 14 years). We had to travel a fair way to get one as they seem to be like gold dust and sold instantly. So off we went, much to the hubby's dismay.
The lady showed us how to put it up and down and explained how it had been a workhorse for her and her twins but also really well looked after.
In the boot it went, and off home we headed.

All the little improvements add up.

Even before arriving home, I'd noticed a welcome difference in boot space. The Nipper Double folds compact and all as one. Equally, getting it out of the boot was simple. An as previously demonstrated, it quickly opens as one, clips secured, and I was ready to go.

The second thing I noticed was its width, it fits perfectly in and out of the house doors. It's not as wide as most double pushchairs, but the seats don't compromise on room and are big enough for a Brut of a toddler comfortably to enjoy his ride.

So far, I was impressed. We didn't waste any time in putting it to use, in went the toddler on one side and a newborn on the other. You can buy a clip-on carrycot for a baby if you want a pram option, but baby fitted in perfectly with the seat padding that comes with the pushchair.

Individual comfort for everyone.

The pushchair pushes lovely, the handle is all in one bar, foam covered and has buttons to move the adjustable handle into a different position. There is no length option bit, but I didn't mind this as I never have to extend the handles. The harness is a five-point that clicks together into one buckle. The shoulder and waist straps are adjustable, which will grow with your child and equally, I found out, to keep them in, nice and securely on rough terrain. You can move each seat to individually recline as far back as required, which works well when you have a snoozing baby on one side while the other has a baby that is fully awake and wanting time see what's going on.

Ready for the challenge.

We've most certainly put this pushchair through an assault course of multi terrains and weather conditions and not once have we been defeated. It's been so good, my hubby surprised me with a single version of it too for when we don't need a double.

Jen and her Tribe Of 7 Out'n'about Nipper Single

We've most certainly put this pushchair through an assault course of multi terrains and weather conditions and not once have we been defeated.

We'd initially bought the pushchair for farm and country walk use only, but it's now become my everyday day pushchair. It comes on school runs, shopping trips, farm work, country walks and recently ploughing through the floods. It's most definitely a dream workhorse.
Recently one of the cows decided to eat the foam off my handle, so this needs replacing, but besides from that, it still looks brand new once it's had a good wash down.

Who do I recommend the Nipper Double for?

So, as a Mum of a Tribe of 7, and with 14 years experience of owning and using pushchairs, what do I think about the Nipper Double?

  • Would I recommend this pushchair … Yes.
  • Would I suggest it's only for country mums … No.
The Out'n'About Nipper Double is versatile enough to be used in the town as well as country, as it soon glides through the shops as effortlessly as it takes a dirt track in its stride.

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