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Man running outdoors with child in Nipper Sport pushchair

Marathon Motivator

3 years ago during a marathon training plan, I wanted to balance being a busy running dad and husband by combining what I am passionate about with those I Love.

Good advice

A very nice couple from my local running club often brought their son to training in their Out'n'About Nipper Sport V4 running buggy. What a fantastic and innovative idea, I thought, such a great way to continue to enjoy my passion whilst spending time with my daughter. With another child on the way, I took the good advice from the couple at the running club and bought the Nipper Sport - I certainly wasn't disappointed.

These were a few of the things that impressed me after using the buggy:

  • Build quality
  • Stability of the running buggy
  • Suitable for all terrains, conditions and activities.
  • Value for money was very impressive

Run time = Family time

My daughter Alexis and I enjoyed some great runs together, which mostly included routes via the multiple local parks.
I didn't mind though, as I could continue with building my marathon training at the same time as enjoying quality dad and daughter time.

Once my son Finley was big enough to enjoy the seat using the infant insert, away we went on our regular Saturday morning loop after dropping my daughter off at Ballet. This also gave mum an hour or so to have some well deserved time to herself. I think it is useful to create a routine.

Man running with child in Nipper Sport running buggy

We often chat on our runs and talk about the boats or wildlife that we see on route

Finely absolutely loves our runs together as he has grown up with the running buggy. He gets excited about getting in and most weeks is asleep before we get to the end of the first road. An easy quick adjustment of the straps mid-run, and he's laying right back, snoring and dreaming of dinosaurs.

My children love it

We love running the local Parkruns together, and when awake, Finley cheers and encourages me and the other keen runners, all from the comfort of the secure, padded seat.
We often chat on our runs and talk about the boats or wildlife that we see on route, or we go on dinosaur hunts where I am told to "run faster daddy, run faster" It's definitely enjoyable having friendly and fun company on your runs!

From Parkruns to 15 mile long runs on a variety of terrain, the 16inch inflatable wheels and reliable suspension give Finley a smooth, secure and stable ride. From pavement running around the town to striding through puddles and thick mud, the fixed wheels have kept spinning and charging forward. I know what the Nipper Sport can do, and it has proven that it does it well.

Man running in the rain with child in Nipper Sport pushchair

The positive feedback and encouragement from the buggy running community is fantastic

The positive feedback and encouragement from the buggy running community is fantastic, and the popularity is growing more and more. It's always motivating and inspiring to see other buggy running parents and kids out there enjoying their runs. In fact, with the use of the adjustable handle, my daughter Alexis uses the buggy and loves to push her little brother whilst running the junior Parkruns.

This buggy has been enjoyed by both my children and inspires them in a way that they both see the benefits of running, keeping fit and staying active.
We, as a family can depend on this great buggy to take us on some fun journeys and adventures.

Running buggy recommendation

The Nipper Sport is by far my favourite running-related purchase. I would recommend to anyone that wants to enjoy adventures in the great outdoors if it's venturing out in muddy terrain or taking it for an enjoyable run.

From road to trails, fast Parkruns to Speeds workouts, this buggy easily rose to challenge and helped me to add those much-needed miles in training at the same time as making fantastic memories with Finley and Alexis.
With over 300 miles already run with the Nipper Sport, I look forward to many more and to the adventures it takes us on.

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