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OutnAbout Nipper in Sydney

Travel buggy

I have travelled a lot throughout my life, and when kids came along, I was confident that this wasn't going to stop me.

When you tell people that you're about to head off travelling with kids, you usually get one of two reactions:

The first - Are you bonkers!?

The second - Wow, how great, good on you.

Travel with a buggy? Lots of options!

When I found out I was pregnant, I did some research on pushchairs and decided the Out'n'About Nipper was the pushchair for me, a travelling parent. There are so many pushchairs to choose from, and it can be truly overwhelming. I had looked at the very compact lightweight strollers, but it was clear that there would have to be a compromise on the sturdiness of the buggy.

I was sure I would want to go to the beach, or my travels would lead me to explore off the main path, and I didn't want to find an alternative solution for each obstacle put in my way!

Out'n'About Nipper on the beach
Out'n'About Nipper handles most terrains, and obstacles!

I'm glad I found the Nipper Single and felt it would be the best combination of sturdy construction while still being extremely light. At this time, I had no idea that this same buggy would be serving me well after so many years!

It is also safe to say that I have put our travel buggy to the test.

  • Our Nipper Single is now over 5 years old
  • It has been to 11 countries
  • Travelled on over 50 flights including many long haul destinations such as Australia, USA & Costa Rica.

During our travel with our buggy, the Nipper Single comfortably covered all the terrains in its path. It handled all of the off-road adventures and beaches with ease. This pushchair is rugged and reliable, and over the years, both our children have had countless naps in it.
One tip that I can share with you for the longevity of your buggy - if you go to the beach do remember to hose the saltwater off to stop it going rusty.

Out'n'About Nipper on the beach
Out'n'About Nipper on the beach - no problem

Buggy Travel Tip

One more tip I can share with you - Get a Travel Bag

I always recommend placing your pushchair in a travel bag for air travel. This will protect it from damage and also keep it clean and dry. We sometimes check ours in with our bags or if it's nap time we will keep it to the gate. Make sure you have had a practice taking off the wheels off and getting it into the bag before you arrive at the Airport.

If you are planning on making a few trips abroad, it is worth getting yourself a good quality travel bag. I have used one from Amazon in the past, but Out'n'About now have their own, it's padded and much better quality. The ones I have used in the past have ripped after a few flights.

Priceless memories

And after all of these years (how quickly they fly by!), it must be said that travelling with your family is something very special. It is fun collecting these priceless memories, and it will be something that your children will really cherish as they get older.

Here are a few pics from my travels. I hope you have as much fun on your travels as we have. Bon voyage!

Disneyland Paris