Nipper Double v5

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  • Our refreshed and upgraded best selling double buggy
  • At 72CM wide, fits through a standard door
  • One piece fold for easy boot storage and convenient flight travel
  • Suitable from newborn to toddler
  • Rain cover and removable basket included
  • Parent facing carry cot compatible for newborn twins or siblings
  • Light, easy to fold and easy to clean
  • 12” air filled tyres and suspension for bumpy terrain
  • Swivel lock front wheel suitable for rough terrain and jogging
  • Should not jog with the baby under 6 months old
  • Comes complete with a bumper bar and seat liner

Do you have a newborn?

The Nipper has lay flat seats and is suitable for newborns. For extra comfort, consider the newborn support or parent facing carrycot. Carrycot also available to hire here:


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Goes places other buggies can't
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More narrow than you think
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Works from newborn to ~4 years

"I wish I'd bought a Nipper" - That's what >90% of our customers will tell you.

90% of Nipper Customers have owned or used another buggy before
80% of Nipper Customers wish they bought a Nipper first
85% of Nipper customers say the Nipper is the only buggy they need an use


Accessorise your Out'n'About

We offer a range of accessories for additional family adventure convenience. Remember to check model compatibility before purchase

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Customer Reviews

Best quality ever!

We tested it out on a long and bumpy walk up some hillside. The Nipper managed fantastically through thick grass, uneven terrain, mud, tree roots and a kissing gate.

Bryony Murray

Pushchair Expert

Best purchase in 2022

This pushchair is everything you could want from a pushchair, easy to use, put up and down and store, high quality, built to last and tackles a variety of terrains with ease.

Taryn M


Every busy mums dream

I use this buggy everyday. With its lightweight aluminium frame and easy handling it's every busy mums dream. There are no fiddly extra bits to fit to get into your boot. I can fit this and my entire food shop in the boot with no fuss. It folds compactly it' unbelievable.


Patterjack & Tweed

Can literally go anywhere

This buggy is unbelievable. I have yet to take it somewhere it can't go. Steep hills, beach, cobblestoned paths, it isn't like any other buggy I've owned


Mother and Baby Tester